Bouchiers Timboon Butchers

Tradition, simplicity and quality. Meat 100% sourced from Australian farmers

Brendan started his butchering apprenticeship in Mortlake in 1993 where he quickly developed a passion for working in the meat industry. After completing his apprenticeship, Brendan went on to work at Midfield Meats in Warrnambool before having the opportunity to buy the Mortlake Butcher shop in 2005.

Brendan Bouchier’s Mortlake Butchers started producing his traditional style smallgoods later that year. Winning the best ham in the South West region 6 years running from 2009 and was finally awarded Victoria’s best ham at the 2014 Australian Meat Industry Council Awards. Brendan has also been awarded Gold Medals in the South West Region for his bacon, kabana, strasburg and chicken burgers.

After 18 years of operating the Mortlake Butcher Shop, Brendan was very excited at the opportunity to expand his business and open a retail outlet in Timboon. Bouchier’s Timboon Butchers value tradition, simplicity and quality. We source 100% of our meat from Australian farmers and pride ourselves on producing high quality smallgoods.

Bouchiers Timboon Butchers

Brendan Bouchiers Butchers